New innovative way of living


Coming soon to A’dora Health & Beauty Salon – SLIMZONE is an innovative company dedicated to stopping the roller-coaster ride of losing weight. The priority is to assist individuals to achieve their weight-loss goals.

is specifically formulated to assist with centimetre loss on areas such as hips, buttocks, tummy and thighs, whilst firming and contouring. This product is formulated with ALL natural ingredients and contains Vitamin E for skin hydration. Regular salon wrap treatments and the continuous use of the home maintenance product will a treat the appearance of cellulite.

· Boost energy levels due to improvement in body functions

· Firms and tones the skin

· Anti-Ageing properties

· Breaks down cellulite

· Improves blood circulation

· Improves metabolism and rids the body of toxins

· Detoxifying the body

· Improves regular bowels

Forward this mail to 10 of your friends and CC me in the mail to get your 10% discount on your first wrap pamper package.


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