Thalgo O2 protect Triple barrier pollution Barrier

Some worrying statistics :

* In France 11 million tonnes of pollutants are released into the atmosphere every year.
* An adult inhales on average 15m3 of air per day.
* 7% of the air we breathe passes through the skin.

A Thalgo innovation
an avant-garde, anti-pollution skincare shield which neutralises the 3 types of free radicals that are the most harmful to the skin.

ROS: reactive oxygen species
RCS: reactive carbon species
RNS: reactive nitrogen species

Today pollution is one of out primary concerns.
But what we are less aware of is that pollution is not just an external phenomenon.

It is virtually everywhere and it invades our homes in both the town and countryside on a daily basis: stress, cigarette smoke, UV RAYS, computers, heating appliances… and the list goes on.

This new facial that we offer here at A’dora hosted by Blouberg Medi Spa will help to give your skin the radiance it needs from every day pollution.

3 additional active ingredients is as follow
Moringa Extract – protects the cells against harmful external factors and detoxifies and purifies the skin by facilitating the removal of suffocating micro-particles

Creatine-derived – oxygenating cell energiser boosts skin cell respiration

Organic White Lupin Extract – Activates the synthesis of epidermal proteins and fats
Protects, repairs and strengthens the skin barrier function

Book now and receive 15% discount on your first appointment. Including a free Back massage.

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