It’s been an amazing 13 year journey in the Health & Beauty Industry. I have travelled extensively across the globe, teaching and learning the art of Holistic Therapy and how the body responds to the healing touch of Massage Therapy. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

We now live longer and want to look younger for longer…  Adora Salon has the tools to Perfect Health the Natural Way, and as studies have proven, it requires a lifestyle adjustment.

My journey started 7 years ago learning how the mind and body are connected when related events affect the way our body reacts. This involves our internal health and how external stressors affect us daily, but also how we manage them and find solutions. Massage should be seldom mistaken for a luxury – it is a form of self-healing and is medically proven to improve the wellbeing of our bodies.

I have treated many clients for ailments like arthritic joint pain, lymphatic blockage, muscular dystrophy, tension headaches, asthma attacks and general STRESS tension, many of whom would rather take a pain killer or tablet to relieve the problem. Treating the symptom, and not the root cause inevitably results in the pain recurring.

Adora Salon can relieve YOUR pain, too.


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