Men spend more than women on pre-date grooming

Men now spend more on their appearance before a
first date than women do, according to new research.
Single men spend almost a third more than women on
getting ready for a first date, according to dating
The survey discovered the average man spends £35.72
on spray tans and other beauty products, haircuts and
new clothes to give them confidence for the big night.
In comparison women will only spend an average of
£27.31 in preparation. The survey also showed that the average number of dates for a single person registered with a dating site was 24 a year, which means British men could spend more than £800 on pre-date grooming, while women spend around £670. relationship expert Kate Taylor said: “Feeling that you look good has a huge effect on self-confidence and can ensure you’re on top form on your date. So if a tan and some hair gel boost your self-image, hit that beauty salon!”

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