Hello world!

Vajazzle SA takes Brazilian waxing to a new level

Brazilian waxing continues to cause a major stir in waxing. Other than the removal of unwanted hair from the delicate bikini area, professionals can provide shaping, dying and designs, depending on the client’s mood. Now Vajazzle SA introduces bling to the Brazilian with sparkling Swarovski crystal. Beauty salons in New York have been Vajazzling for years.
And, it is only since 2010 that the art has gained
popularity on the global front. These genuine Swarovski body crystals are allergy tested and dermatologically approved. They are easy to apply, waterproof and are available in a range of designs and colours. After application the design can last 5-10 days or more on the skin.to use on the skin, Melinda van der Walt of Salon Setup Helia Distribution sees this product as the ideal complement to her range of Melinda Brazilian waxes. “These body crystals are the perfect add-on service for salons to offer their clients.”

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